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Yeah, really?  What's wrong with a natural redhead???
quietbeauty quietbeauty 31-35, F 6 Responses Jun 28, 2010

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There's absolutely nothing in the world wrong with a natural redhead. There is a certain mystical quality surrounding them, the majority having the blood of the Isles or Highlands in them, but that's a wonderful thing to be proud of.

i know, i know, there's nothing wrong with a natural redhead, sorry, when i wrote this, it was more out of frustration...

Come on now- nothing to apologize about, but what was so frustrating?

Gingers! Aww Gross..thats sik! lol. (jk) I like Red haired girls because they are not so common. So a pretty red haired girl wud be a catch..i suppose.

Same as why do they like Monster-size SUV's. To been seen with. To make everyone else hold them in awe. Ego booster. Shallow but true.

Personally, I LOVE redheads! I've never been interested in blondes, while I've dated a few it was never serious. I think it just boils down to personal preference. Then again, some men think blondes are not as intelligent and therefore may be easier to get their way with them...another myth.

thats lkike asking why women like big hands or mustaches or whatever... some dudes like blondes<br />
just like some women only date black dudes or rich guys... it is what it is, attraction

I hate that women with red hair are labeled with having a bad temper.

ya, me too, i dont think my temper is any worse than the next person...