Interesting question giggles. I had a person that asked specific questions last night and then I went back to see if i needed to follow up with her and she had deleted my comments.  I thought maybe it was a glitch so I retyped an answer to her but shortly later the comments were missing again. WTF? 

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I never delete comments at all. I have asked a person to remove their comment before. I would be the same way Eve.<br />
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1B, I can see that. I don't usually remove comments but I can understand.

I rarely delete comments. I had someone delete a comment recently even though I was in agreement with the post, because it had started a side conversation. He didn't delete anyone else's comments, just mine. I decided not to comment on his stories again.

I only remove that which is offensive or completely unrelated to the entry.

Well i have replied to every last comment left to me, so i am not ignoring you if you don't see it.

I set up notification when I leave a comment but I usually don't see that you reply. HMMM

I always wonder if i answer your questions when you drop a comment off on one of my stories, because you only usually leave one and don't come back.


Some people may take any comment as embarrassing, even if the postings are complimentary remarks. I get a lot who complain but leave them all on the board.


LOL No biggee. I have a dachshund on my keyboard at the moment.

sry for the typos, my Cats played with my reading glasses AGAIN. Hopefuly I will find them soon.

Good point CG. I don't like to argue but I will debate if there is an issue I am passionate about. Right now that amounts to life and my boyfriend lol.

me too apparition!!!<br />
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Gigs, Just chalk it up to a full moon or possibly needing some medication.

I had the same issue. Some people become angery when they are incapable of true debate. That can only repeat what they have been told. Therefore, as soon as you disagree with a viable point they do not know how to respond. They begin to self doubt, ad in suspect in some cases they are reminded of their mental short comings,and that turn into displaced anger.<br />
I was blocked because I did not agree with an individual so I just blocked her right back. LOL<br />
I'm not going to engage in a battle of wits with the unarmed. !!!

that's just crazy, if you don't want to interact then why post to begin with???<br />
I swear people make me want to hide out somewhere sometimes lol

I have no idea! I have noticed that going on lately. I was commenting on a story and trying to have an intelligent discussion about the person's story and they resorted to name calling and then blocked me from further comment. They dumped certain comments which made the whole exchange sound strange!! As you say, WTF?? So I started this group :)