Erm... Some Reasons Why....

I am really trying to stay under the radar here... so, I did circle around this group and question before I couldn't help myself. XD

To the person who made this group and those who are wondering this question, here are my humble theories... take them as they are or toss them in the bin. Either way, it makes no difference to me. ^_-

Why do people join EP, write stories, then refuse comments? o_O

Well, it's quite simple, really.... here are the main reasons that I would refuse comments:

1. expression - I write to express myself, not necessarily to gain comments, attention (ACK!), or unwanted opinions. Though, I'm not one to want a crowd of "yes" people either (they scare me more!), I write simply because I am bored and have nothing else to do. And I try to keep my personal stuff in my personal blog, rather than in public EP stories. BUT, some would like to have their personal stuff here in public view, for some reason. And that's their right to. And they may not necessarily want comments or opinions added. So, they use the handy "delete" function, as that's what it's there for. ^_-

2. Rude and intrusive comments - No one likes to log on in the morning, to find some annoying comment from some stranger on their true thoughts or feelings. Either snarky or someone with "good intentions" but SO off-based on what the story was about. So, since they can't be in person to box your ears off, they press "delete" instead. Which I believe is nicer than calling you out, insulting you, or making you look like an "***" for public view... which I tend to do with snerts and busybodies, rather than delete the comments. Heh... I'm bad! ;^_^

3. They just don't like you! - If your comment isn't snarky or misinformed... if they do allow comments of others, but seem to keep removing yours, for no good reason... well, it's simple. THEY DON'T LIKE YOU! And... hey, the general rule is, not everyone has to like you or vice versa. Not everyone has to like your comments or your stories. That's their issue and not yours. And they may be even missing out on a great person... but still, their loss and not yours. Just move on, forget about it, and enjoy your side of EP. Who needs them, right? o_O

Not many may agree with, like, or may even want to delete my story here. I don't care! LOL! I'm not on this site to be liked (or hated) or anything. I'm on this site for no good reason, actually, as I have better things to do. But, boredom brings me here, from time to time... until I decide which video game I rather play. And then I'm off this site again for a day or two. ^_-

My point is... life is short, the world is large, there's more to life than this little site. =p

If people delete comments, that's their issue. What really matters is, that you be yourself and express yourself on your own stories, groups, and so forth. And if you want to delete comments, go right ahead! It's your right! ^o^

And even if you have an awesome and wonderful comment, so loving and very well written, that you think could do more good than harm. Just write your own story on it! Share it with others who could appreciated it more, rather than trying to get the ONE person who doesn't want any parts of it, and keeps deleting it. No matter how much you try, you can't get everyone to like you. ^_-

And that's my two cents. I am off now... I know what video game I rather play! =p

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Thanks, Artsydesigns! ^_^<br />
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Yep... I forgot to add that, for people to NOT delete comments, that's their right too. Heehee. I choose to not delete them, as well, but that's my own choice. If people want to delete, that's cool too and their own choice. My point is, it's nothing to get bent out of shape over, either way. Or maybe that's just me... I wouldn't care if someone deleted my comment or comments... I would take it that they don't like me or whatnot, then shrug, and move on. I already have my friends in life, so not everyone has to like me or agree with me nor do I care if they do or don't. ^_-

Thanks, Saving! ^_^<br />
I'm trying not to make a habit of this though. Heehee. Just had to through my two cents in, though. XD