This is going to sound like i'm contradicting myself.

I love EP, as I am able to put my mask on. 

No, I don't lie on who I am, but not many people know how I look like, EP is my hiding place.  Rorschach is my mask. 

EP is my secret confidant, that I can come to when I need to

1. Confess

2. Rant

3. Flirt

4. Vent

5. Hide

I have met wonderful friends that knwo me for me...Not for my masks that I sometimes put in RL because i dont trust people much.  People in general tend to be judgmental, not trusting, and manipulative. 

Now don't get me wrong, not all people are like that, i've met wonderul people in RL.  But here i can show them all, and without being scared of being judged, cause I dont judge anyone for what they believe, for what they are, for what they do, so I expect the same in return.

I love EP, and I want to be here for a long time, and I wish my friends will also stay.

This is my refuge when i'm upset, and I have always managed to find words of wisdom, comfort, and friendship, that doesn't compare to real life.  People who know me, know what i'm about, and they have never seen me in person. 

I love this place, and i'm glad i can use my rorschach mask in it.

I use my alter ego, but at the same time, people who talk to me, know me better than a person who barely meets me.

Thank you EP.

Th3D0ct0r Th3D0ct0r
3 Responses Aug 14, 2009

I feel the same way. You can relax and be yourself all at once instead of slowly revealing what a freak you really are to someone in real life. XD

Aww thank you momo...i know you are an awesome friend as well :D<br />
<br />
aww, thank you cutie......thanks for the hug. i love it......(i told you, what's nex, deep, thoughtful, funny, i don't know)<br />
<br />
thank you Des.....:D i'm glad you liked it.!!!!

Oh DHG, that was beautiful. I also feel the same way. It's a wonderful place to just be who you really are, no worries. I love EP!!! Now.....come over here and get a big hug!!!