Why People Try to Live Double Life and Keep Dual Faces

I have seen people who keep dual personality and lives double life, Innocent from outside and evil from inside.

I have a gift to read and recognized those faces among the crowd and i don;t feel afraid to ask them why they act this way.

Why they cheat their wife when they are happily married ?

why they cheat their business partner when the other partner is honest?

why they lie? and to hide one lie how many time and how many more lies they have use to cover one mistake.


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Mzdivine ...your words are true.<br />
Keep the honest person inside you.<br />
Life is a car and we are the drivers ...soo drive carefuly and it will be fine...

Bravo,1125!<br />
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Sorry about that,Bravo1125!<br />
<br />
Life brings many surprises!..If we were all the same, it would be a boring world!<br />
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I hear what you are saying,and I am sorry for my remark!<br />
<br />
That may sound two faced,but the apology is genuine!<br />
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its not the grey areas...its not the double standards.... its us who decide to use the weaker individual( male or female ) in the realtionship, take advantage of someone just because she or he is being nice.<br />
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and Mzdivine... yes i can read faces but here we have millions of people who like to learn how to find those people soo if u can help why not answer? if u don;t no one force you to do soo.

Could it be because there really is a double standard and discrimination in our society today? Your standards of right and wrong are not necessarily my own or anyone else's. It is not all black and white--there are many grey areas subject to each individual's interpretation (Ooh--I can just feel the hate mail starting!!)

Why answer that question, when you say you can read me!