I Don't Know

I did want to change it, when I was little girl. I wanted to use my middle name for my first one, because my middle name means "princess" and I was so desperate to be special in some way. :-/

And then as I grew older, it became less about being special, but more of not wanting a person to use as an weapon. People would say my full name (Danielle) with such disgust and hatred behind it. I just wanted another name for a while...

But now, I got rid of those around me who were so mean. And I learned to care more about myself. So, my name doesn't bother me much anymore. And I have a cool nickname for it, Dani! So... I'm not sure... I think I like my name now. Hmm...

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1 Response Feb 14, 2009

I had a friend who did change her name order making the middle name her first simply because it was 'more' her.<br />
The way I look at it is "It's what you feel most comfortable with" and so long as you announce it and are consistent in its application, then that is fine.