Bastet Oct 3-oct17


Related signs: Sekhmet & Horus.
Bastet, goddess with the body of a woman and face of a cat swinging between good and bad tendencies, appears late in Egyptian religion, though the symbolism of the cat is prehistoric. The cat, with its affinity with the human, always gives a keen perception of the occult in its most anciens origin.

The importance accorded to the cat by the original inhabitants of the Valley of the Nile is linked directly to its spectral gaze which embodies the secret repository of a mysterious knowledge. Simply by its magnetic presence, it can detect and thwart any outside attack.

Bastet is fascination arising from a forbidden place. When this mysterious knowledge is realized, it opens the way to worship in the deepest sense.

Those born under this sign seek balance and harmony in their with their relations with others. They know how to protect and devote themselves to their loved ones while occasionally neglecting their own interests. They possess an inner strength and agility which help them to recognize their hidden enemies and thus triumph over them.

The Bastet character can sense the most obscure psychic forces. When aligned with this intuitive strenght, they will bring great insight into business ventures and especially affairs of the heart. Osiris Nile.

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this is really significant to what is going on in my life, and in my head at the current moment, thank you cat lady.