Let's Play What 5 Sweets Do You Crave!

 O.K., there are five sweets that I crave, besides affection~ LOL.  I can't seem to get enough of these.


  1.  Toffee.  It's so buttery delish, and my tongue goes stark raving mad over.


 2. Praline Ice cream.   All the flavors mixed into one sinful concoction drive me mad.  But I LOVE IT!


 3. Caramel bear claws.   These delights I buy by the dozen, and polish off, almost immediately.  I adore how the caramel melts in my mouth,  and lingers endlessly!


 4.  Pecan pie.  I have a serious affliction to it.    The sweetness, the crunchy pecans all mixed up into one delectable dessert.  Plus put some vanilla bean icee cream on top of it, warm, and WHOA!


 5.     Chocolate chip cookies.   OOOH the Chocolate, the brown sugar, need I say more.  Cowabunga to my taste buds!


            O.K., what are your 5 fave's.................  Gotta make your mouth water!






enjoythebeach enjoythebeach
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15 Responses Feb 23, 2009

OOH, those are five really good one's. UMMMMMMM!!<br />
Very Nice!

I will definitely let you know, how good they are! I can imagine it's one of those close your eyes and enjoy how it melts in your mouth moments! :D

Glad to put a chocolately smile on your face. ENJOY EVERY BITE!!!!!! Your most welcome!

awww you are great AC.... mmmmmm it is sooooo yummy :P thanks for gift :)

Thanks Sleepless. A way to completely indulge, sit back and do something nice for yourself. Comfort foods, are the best. Thanks for sharing your yummies too. You know, I think It's time for.................... Guess what's coming your way?<br />
<br />

mmmmm what a yummy story AC... i love chocolate chips cookies too, also ice cream, tiramisu and profiteroles :P

Adore gummies too! So chocolate on top; BIG BONUS, YES!<br />
<br />
Perhaps I can find some to send you. I do know of a store that probably has them in Myrtle Beach. My fave hangout when I'm down there. Picture them melting in your mouth, so sweet and De~Lish! WHOA-Ness!

OOH Shine. Quite piest~de~resistance ( I think thats how it's said) LOL. Strawberry pie, piled high with berries. Have to try chocolate covered gummies. :D<br />
<br />
OOh ~ LA ~ LA

nightwish.... Dove chocolates are right up there; and Dove bars, quite scrum de~la~num too!

Shine....... They are quite del~ish! Inquiring AC' s want to know. What are your 5 fave's????<br />
<br />
A Twilight butterfly SHINE....For you!<br />
<br />

dont have to buy! He will give you! :D :D :D

I want no.5..can i buy? :)

yep! :) thanks :P

Yummy Hah! Can I get you some? <br />
<br />

OH NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
WHY DID I READ THAT???????????????????????????<br />
*cries* I want that Praline Ice cream......!