Simple, Yet Splendid

I have about 2 different days that were particularly amazing for me. What they both have in common is simplicity, and being with loved ones.

I have this one cousin that I love so much, but I only get to see about once every 2-3 years. Her birthday is around 4th of july, and thats when we usually get to hang out with each other. When I visited her a few years ago, her dad had moved to a small house in a neighborhood without many kids, so she was alone a lot. We got to hang out together for about a week, but the last day (4th of july) was the best day out of that week, and one of the best days of my life. We watched movies, went online to silly websites like chatbot (goofing off and saying stupid stuff like we were the Lochness monster), went outside and started a bon fire to roast hotdogs on, saw a bunny that lived near her house, and we even walked to a nearby store to try cactus pears. However, the best moment of that day happened at night, when everyone started lighting the fireworks off (there was a firework show right next to the park). It was the perfect night, a little chilly but not too much and our whole family set up chairs in the park while my cousin, sister, and I hung out on the jungle gym to watch all the fireworks. It was a really big show, and after a while all the smoke traveled over to the big grassy field that the park was next to. The 3 of us then got up and ran all around in the smoke when there were still fireworks going off. We held onto each others hands and then spun around so fast, leaning back with all our weight and laughing the whole time. I still remember spinning around with my cousin, the smoke made the night a beautiful hazy blue, and there were little bits of light floating around that looked like stars due to the fireflies. Honestly, it felt like we were up in the clouds.

The other best day of my life was spent with my little sister and brother. My parents had to go somewhere during the day, so they let me babysit. It was a little after christmas, and we had all 3 gotten DS lites. I decided to do something spontaneous, so I told the two of them to go gather 2 big comforters and to meet me outside. We then layed on the blankets in the grass, and pulled the other one over us (because it was really sunny). We then connected our DS lites and played games like mario&sonic olympics all day. We laughed so much and even when somebody lost they would still laugh and have fun. Our dog would sometimes jump on top of our little fort, but we had a ton of fun just remaking it and then taking her inside too. Even when my parents got home, they didnt mind the blanket mess and were also super happy that we all had such a great time.

It amazing how such a simple day can mean so much to someone, thanks for reading :)
bespeckledbunny bespeckledbunny
18-21, F
Jan 19, 2013