Shoulda Gone Out

I really love to cook. Recently I was trying to make sushi, since I love Asian cuisine (hence Wasabi). Anyways, I was making it for my parents and my brother. Sushi is just one of those things that you really should just go out to a restaurant for unless you're professionally trained to make it. Unfortunately I learned this the hard way. I thought I'd start off with something easy. The first thing I made was a spicy spinach roll that I found online. That one didn't have meat in it, so it came out just fine. The rolls looked and tasted really great, so I thought I'd try something a little harder. This one was a popular roll in restaurants: the Philadelphia Roll. I thought it turned out pretty well. That is, until my mom and my brother got sick from the sushi. My dad has an iron-stomach and apparently I got his jean, but it was still pretty bad. So, that's the last time I'm ever going to try making sushi again... Don't try and make it on your own or your you'll regret it.

WasabiHero WasabiHero
18-21, M
Jan 30, 2012