My Dedication To: Mr. Remix Of The Ring Must Be Returned! Light Up Another One!

I want to dedicate some very special songs, my favs in fact, to one remixed guy who has made my life indescribable in so many ways that I can't begin to detail, but heck, let me try:

1. When my mom said, "Do not lie, it will come back to haunt you!" she wasn't kidding.
2. When my dad said, "You're only as good as your word," he meant it.
3. When my idiot supervisor once put on my work eval that my standards were too high, he was giving me too much credit! He forgot that I was human and would sometimes make horrible mistakes in trusting people.
4. When my journalism professors demanded commitment, deadlines, proof, and follow-through, they were dead serious. Failing to honor their commands meant you flunked their class. No excuses. No dog had died -- not even your mother. Seriously. I thank them for being so harshly strict.
5. When my parents said it was more important to end your life caring about people, helping others, giving 100 percent to your job or whatever you were doing -- and I'll add my own: making people laugh or smile, they were right!

So, I dedicate these oh so favorite songs of mine to my chain-smoking cig gig and he can read over the above and dream about these noble characteristics, as if he were replaying songs in his mind. You're the best, I meant to say bloke, that I know! Sometimes, you're just too funny...............

My favorite songs dedicated to Mr Remix of the Ring Must Be Returned! 
  • Wear My RING  .... by Bobby Darin
  • RING of Fire .... by Johnny Cash
  • RING My Bell Anita Ward
  • This Diamond RING ... by Gary Lewis and the Playboys
  • Smoke RINGS in the Dark .... by Gary Allan
  • RING, RING, RING .... by De La Soul
Thanks so much for considering my dedication to play on your podcast. I don't listen to it. I can't stand the "F" word and I'm too busy waiting for my RING TO BE RETURNED IN THE MAIL THAT SOME GUY HASN'T GIVEN ME BACK!!! HE IS TO MAIL IT ON MONDAY. 
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Jul 11, 2010