Lilt... LILT

Lala, Mice sometimes moo

Nyxie, Untitled

The Princess, Broken Waltz for broken people








I understand your confusion if you dont get it.

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10 Responses Feb 16, 2010

Abstain? Wow! What a concept... <br />
<br />
Wonder why it never occurred to me before??????

I'm not always sure that I want to remember....

ha ... not necessarily... enough bourbon and I have NO idea about what happened the night before....

Hmmm... well, you have never seen me in the morning... so you have a rosy-tinged view of me... LOL!

You mean I'm too sexy for my song????

Ninjas in the Night for you....

Life Is Little Things...I love my song too.


That's crap of them

Hehe, cheeky, but I love that I have my own song!