I Have One Of Three Moods When I'm Drunk

Hyper, angry, or horny. 

When I'm drunk and hyper I sing a lot. and just do crazy ****. Umm..an example: When me and my friend, Dan were at the park I drank a bottle of skol vodka and I jumped on his back and started yelling "go go go yahh ***** yahh" and then I jumped off of him and hit my head on the concrete. That was quite lame. but...a fun night all together.

I can be an angry drunk, if someone ****** me off. Once, me and an ex got into a fight and I wanted to go inside and he wouldn't let me. He was all grapping my wrists so I bit down on what I thought was just his hand...turns out I accidently ripped his whole fingernail off. Another time, I was at a new years parts and I was quite wasted off whiskey, tequila, jello shots, and beer and I asked this guy if I could wear his hat. He wouldn't let me so I got really ******* pissed and tried to fight him.

and I can be quite horny when I'm drunk...It's just what drinking does. I used to think that you could never be too drunk to ****...like I didn't know the definition of that phrase it seemed ridiciulous until I went to the park with my then boyfriend and drank a bottle of wine and shots of vodka and the last thing I remember is forcing my friend's girlfriend to makeout with me haha...I was all shoving her against the wall and **** and she was laughing non-stop. and then I was told that me and derek(the boyfriend of the time) tried to do it, but every five seconds he was puking out the window and he said that I kept biting his leg and when he asked what I was doing I was like "I'm sucking you off" hahaha...what a great night.

starnostarr starnostarr
18-21, F
Mar 4, 2010