After Logging On, What Do You Do As A Normal Routine?

I've been a member for a year or so and reconize I get set in my ways.  This is a forum to share your routine use of EP.  First, I'll share my daily steps!

After logging on I go to the bottom of the page to get a recap of my stories.  This tells me the number of views and comments left.  Currently, with 38 stories, I've had close to 8,000 views and only 100 comments! 

After reading any comments (a rare occurance) I click on mail of course.. Read the mail, add to my circle and visit the newly added friend.  If they have pics posted, I make sure I comment on at least one pic.  Then I check their story lines.  I'll pick at least one story from each and assuredly will leave a comment on their story.  I also check out their experiences page to see if there is one I might wanna add!

Next I go to My Activity from the drop-down menu.  Will click on each of interests ie.  who commented on a pic, who added a story etc.

I don't do confessions and don't understand those that do.  Not being critical of those who do but....I guess I use EP more as a Social Network site.

That usually takes me thru 2-3 hours to start my day!  How about ya'll?

Bill in Va.

williemcd williemcd
51-55, M
1 Response Mar 1, 2010

I check my messages & reply & read stories & meet new people