More Than One

Different foods require different toppings &/or condiments. I have my favorites for each. BUT, if I had to choose one all-time favorite condiment, it would be Sour Cream! I think I get this from my dad. We could both put sour cream on practically anything. The first time I heard about sour cream cake, I was amazed, knowing that I could use it in dessert, too! LOL! I love how it is so versatile. You can mix it for dressings, dips, salads, sauces, etc. It is really excellent with crinkle cut french fries that have been sprinkled w/ seasoned salt, dipping the fries in the sour cream... Mmmm...

I am not a big fan of ketchup. I will dip my fries in it every once in a while, but I would prefer a good seasoned salt.

Let's see... tator tots w/ mustard. Mayo on sandwiches. Sour cream in chili. Taco hot sauce on turkey (esp. yummy!). Grilled onions & peppers on brats or polish sausages. If it's a regular hot dog (which I prefer kosher dogs), mustard, onion, and relish (not sweet relish, dill). Tabasco sauce on scrambled eggs. Tabasco Green sauce on lots of other mixed dishes (one dish is smoked sausage, brown rice, peppers & onions). Honey on warm biscuits. Ooh, I also like to dip my fries in A-1 Steak Sauce.

I am sure I am missing a few, but that's what I got for now. :)
VendettaVita VendettaVita
31-35, F
Jul 10, 2010