Blue's Clues

I absolutely loved Blue's Clues when I was younger.  It was so fun and unpredictable.  There was something about it that just drew me in.  It was how things seemed so real and I liked how everything was labeled.  I remember always wanting to be able to draw like Steve.  Even now, I enjoy this show.  I love to share it with my nephews and niece.  The only thing I can think of to describe it is fun and different..  Too bad it is not on my cable television anymore.  I still have VHS tapes of the show.  This story unleashed the inner child of me, I believe.  It is different from the children's shows nowadays with all the violence and nonsense.  Something about Blue's Clues contrasts immensely from other children's shows.  I am proud to say that I continue to enjoy watching this.  This show is very creative.  It is good to stay young as long as possible.

18-21, F
1 Response Feb 26, 2010

Well here goes "my age" lol. Dark Shadows when it was 1st on. Loved coming home from school run in the house and get it turned on just as the water was hitting the cliff.