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In the 60s I found a recording by the group Dambala. Whenever I felt the need to get smashed/drunk I would lock the doors, turn off the lights (less likely to get hurt/hurt someone or get arrested) put on my headphones and put on music like Dambala.

They had a wonderful Voodoo curse that had drums and people screaming. The curse was directed towards the men who owned slaves and the words were something like this…”You won’t go to heaven nor hell, but to lay in your grave with the stench and the smell.” I loved it! I can’t remember the rest of the words. I’m surprised I remember these words as I would do my sing along about the time I would pass out…DD

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I could learn a thing or two from kazwaz1977. Curses...DD

Mine's Irish Gaelic - Go dtachta an diabhal tu! (May the Devil choke you!)<BR>Phonetically pronounced Guh dock-tah on dee-val two.<BR>My other favourite is Anglo-Saxon in it's origins and it was supposedly used to destroy an enemy. Here's how it goes; <BR>May you be consumed as coal upon the hearth,<BR>May you shrink as dung upon a wall,<BR>And may you dry up as water in a pail.<BR>May you become as small as a linseed grain,<BR>And much smaller than the hip-bone of an itchmite,<BR>And may you become so small that you become nothing.<BR>the word ABRACADABRA was once used to ward off the plague, as it is said to derive from the Chaldean words, Abbada ke dabra, which means 'perish like the word' this is also why you see the word written in a triangle shape, losing a letter on each row, until ony A remains - perish like the word! This was worn round the neck to ward off the plague. It is also considered an invocation of the deity Abraxas to restore wholeness. It is also echoed in the Harry Potter series as Avada Kedavra - the death curse - this can't be mere coincedence!

Right on!!!...DD