Protection From Ye Laws of Retribution


The thing about curses is that they have a way of coming back at you!  In your”Book of Shadows” head this page…” Protection from Ye laws of Retribution”. Down under you can write “Oh No, Ye Boomerang Problem”. 

  For this ritual you will need a rubber suit and the usual 101 red candles. Rubber suits can be found at either a diving store or an S&M establishment. They are pricey, but a decent S&M suit can be resold for X3 the amount you paid. Just claim the suit was worn by Punkme, the star of the infamous cult favorite “The Making of the Red Butt”. Don’t forget to add that the suit has never been washed!  

At the Dark of the Moon (I know it is not on any calenderer but figure it out.) find a school district with a low budget ( no problem in NM) as you don’t went to explain what you are doing to a security officer. 

  Place your red candles around the swing set. Now swing your self (if you have minions to push so much the better) as high as possible and shout “I am rubber and you are glue! What ever curse I send to you and may come back to me WILL bounce off me and stick on you!!!  Then release yourself from the swing and let fly!

Now get the hell out of there, as someone is sure to have called the cops. 

  This ritual is especially important if a curse is being thrown at another witch! Note that the laws of retribution are so powerful that if a curse were to come back at you with X3 the power of your original “So Mote It Be” intent and bounced back and then rebounded yet again you would have a Magick melt down!!!  I am just saying…DD  

Dewduster Dewduster
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2 Responses Feb 27, 2009

No silly. But I would love to talk someone into doing it!!!<br />
We could hide and watch!!! OMGoddess...DD

Too funny. Is this something you have tried?????