Chinese Curse


I like this subtle one from China…” May you live a very interesting life.”  

 As you know any “interesting” book or movie will be filled with drama, life and death situations and lost love!

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Socklord, I don't understand your commit. Can you read and at the same time both comprehend AND remember what you just read? You seem to imply that I have taken credit for the curse…somehow. Please reread and this time slowly and you might note that I say…” I like this subtle one from China…”. We all know that this is indeed a old curse. OK? What is your problem?...DD<br />
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P/s WOW. "I read Shogun, and all the rest." ALL the rest! ALL? I am amazed.

Older than dirt to me. I read Shogun, and all the rest.

I have taked the liberty to modify the original because I belive a curse SHOULD be directed towards an INDIVUAL, not all around them! <br />
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Great...whatever. Think about the rule of 3 and the laws of retribution.(LMFAO don't make me think of such obvious BS! LMFAO!)<br />
If the indivual does indeed live in interesting times the people (not to mention cats!) around would also live in these interesting times! OMGoddess!!! You would have such a **** STORM coming back at you that you would have a VERY INTERESTING moment and then BOOM, you and yours would be on CNN!!!...DD

My Chinese friend tells me that the curse is actually, 'May you live in interesting times.'

that's a really intersting curse :)