Its pretty common, lots of people like friday. When I wake up friday morning, I know I dont have any classes again until tuesday. Its a long weekend every weekend.

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2 Responses Oct 14, 2008

I bet it is. Ill take college over a kid any day. Not to toot my own horn, but Ive always been smart, so (this is gonna sound so lazy) I can coast through some classes. The others just bore me to death- like Marketing. They should just rename it "Lets talk about abortion and sex before marriage all day class".

yea, I felt the same way when I was college. But the only thing that sucked was that since I took 4-5 classes at a time (hard classes) like microbiology and organic chemistry- I had no weekend. I would have to study all weekend just so I can pass those freakin hard classes...hehehe :) Now that Im a stay at home mom, no studying for me....just attending to my son all day, which is a job in itself too :)