How Do I Touch Myself

I love to tease my body. Often when i climb into bed i lay there running my fingers back and forth over my tummy, giving myself goosebumps and making my nipples erect. I like to flick my thumb back and forth over my nipples to get them to their hardest state, sometimes twisting them between two fingers feeling it run a feeling to straight between my legs. oh what a feeling!

The other thing i like to do is stroke my V area back and forth with just my thumb, it is feels better when i have just shaved and it is nice and smooth =) and then i run my fingers tips up and down my ***** lip, eventually slipping one finger between my lips stroking my juices from my opening to my **** so that my finger just glides over it nicely. I let the middle finger on my right hand slide back and forth slowly over my **** letting my other hand hold my lips apart. I normally bring myself to the point of ******* with just that one finger ... it always feels intense and amazing! x
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nice very nice, always like to play with my nipples too. gets me hard and oozing pre ***. keep on stroking, I will be

*blushes* alrighty then! Nice story Kacey poo. Now I think I'm the one needing the bath! Lol

Glad you liked it :) its a cold shower you need lol x

Yes indeed, or I could just go visit wifey poo in the bedroom! Lmao

whats she doing in there? lol x

Laying down. She has to work tonight.

and your going to wake her up? your cruel lol! x

Yes, maybe, but she would soo enjoy it!

ur a very naughty hubby poo! x

Hahaha, Shh don't tell anybody!

what if i already have :O lol x

that was a late response :P x

:O, well I guess it depends on who you told! Cold shower taken! All better now. I guess I have to be careful which stories of yours I read in the future! Lmao

You should have woke me up :(

babe i thought it said it all in the title ;) lol x

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