Dumb And Dumber

You think there is a chance for us?

One in a million

So there is a chance

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Harry Potter the fight at Hogwarts in the last movie. Molly, the mostly quiet mother of the Weasley clan sees a certain Bellatrix taking aim at Ginny. While throwing multiple shoots at her with wand in hand she releases those words she is best known for now and throughout the wizarding world. "Not my daughter you B**ch!!" As we watch B.L. going away for the final time.

Then later on...."Husband! what was that one in a million talk?"<br />
Dumb and Dumber is hysterical<br />
*Jim Carrey= King of Comedy


What we have here is a failure to communicate, <br />
"Cool Hand Luke," Strother Martin to Paul Newman

That's a good one alright.

LOL .... I like this one too !