O Brother, Where Art Thou ?

Everett: Hold on, now. I don't want this pomade. I want Dapper Dan.

Clerk: I don't carry Dapper Dan. I carry Fop.

Everett: Well, I don't want Fop, goddammit. I'm a Dapper Dan man.

Clerk: You watch your language, young fella. This is a public market. If you want Dapper Dan, I can order it for you, have it in about two weeks.

Everett: Well ain't this place a geographical oddity! Two weeks from everywhere! Forget it! [slams money on the counter] I'll have a dozen hair nets.
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4 Responses Dec 18, 2012

This movie is such a guilty pleasure for me. I close the blinds when I watch it so the neighbors won't know.

I love the way he talks..I'm the pater familas!

Two weeks from everywhere lmao..where the hell is he???

yea that line in that movie cracks me up....

great movie, fantastic sound track.