When I moved into my current home, a bright yellow mobile home it resembled the Penske truck we arrived in.  Yellow is not my favorite color and a line from  the movie Wizards by Ralph Bakshi came to mind.  Two soldiers are in a vignette and one, Fritz, is lying on the ground.  I don't remember his friend's name but the friend is waving a pistol around and shooting it into the surrounding forest saying, "Stinking yellow fairies, they've killed Fritz, take that!"  Fritz wakes up and assures his friend that he's alright but now the friend is pissed off that his dramatic moment is ruined and he discharges the pistol under his arm and actually does kill Fritz.  He starts ranting all over about the stinking yellow fairies killing Fritz all over again. LOL  So, I'm not sure whether to name my trailer Fritz or Stinking Yellow Fairies.

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I love Wizards...if I had to pick a favorite line from it, it would be in the anti-climax-- "Just one more thing: I'm glad you changed your name, you son of a *****," and he pulls a gun out of his sleeve, and shoots Blackwolf dead.

Hey Coliom, amazon has it on dvd now. I still have the vhs I bought many years ago and watched it again last night. I never tire of watching it again. :)

Wizards is a great movie, I saw it a few years ago and have been looking for it everywhere and finaly found a copy of it a few months back :).

Tombstone with Val Kilmer. When Doc Holliday was asked why he hung with Wyatt through so much BS, he said because Wyatt was a friend. And the other guy in the scene said that Wyatt had a lot of friends. To which Doc said "Yeah, but I don't"<br />
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(my trade name is Doc Holliday....strange coincidence huh....lol)

C8Lorraine, great quote. I told my sister after I died and an argument ensued that if I died again, she was to have me cremated and on the way back from the crematory to dump my ashes along the roadside to feed wild daisies. She didn't like that idea. I agree with you. <br />
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Moxie, who needs to be married to have a witness? My thoughts on relationships and marriage have been undergoing a huge renovation in my head lately. <br />
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Blind3rdEye, you should definitely move to Wisconsin and become a cheesehead. (nodding)<br />
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LordVoldemort, thanks for stopping by and leaving a note. <br />
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MUAH to all.

Great story, thanks

"what?! You pooped in the refrigerator.... and you ate the whole wheel of cheese?!?! Im not even mad Im impressed!"

Time will tell of course but when the trailer does get painted, it WILL NOT be yellow. So, I shall take your suggestion and name my trailer Fritz!

Tuesday's with Morrie.....Jack Lemmon is dying and tells Mitch not to worry about his body "it's only the carton I came in

LOL - great story - I think Fritz because when you get to paint the trailer you will have to change it's name from Yellow Stinking Fairies to Gray? Or?<br />
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One line from the movie "Shall We Dance" comes to mind right now - where they discuss having a person to witness their life - that impressed me a lot. Never thought of marriage like that before. Like it.