Lego Skyscraper

My favorite toy from the past was Legos. My relatives from Germany would send my a boxload of these goodies. And i would build a skyscraper as far as i could reach. Add a couple of colored lights, and my friends would be amazed at my creation.

Til we got bored with it and decide to knock it down. Legos go flying all across the room. As for replacing the lights, it would be showdown with the store clerk.

Do you carry these lamps? No kid, that's a fuse. A lamp! A fuse! Fine idiot, i will ask my relatives to send me a replacement. At least i could improvise on the 4.5 volt battery. Solder a set of 3 C cells and good to go.

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4 Responses Mar 6, 2009

Funny enough, I used to make skyscrapers with my lego as high as I could go. It was one of my favorite things to play with. Probably because it allowed me to use my imagination.

My feet have felt the sharp edges of many a lego. I used to make cool dinosaur/dragon type monsters with mine. The little translucent lego pieces were used as their energy sources. My brother's monsters would fight mine and there would be a lego massacre. It was so sad :(

I liked click clacks but you could really hurt yourself if you weren't careful lol!! Oh...and I loved my hopity hop :-)

my kids always played with legos too!