Kal Ho Na Ho

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*kitti tiptoes into MM story ...careful not to make a sound ...hits play on video ..and sighs ..sways to the song * .. do you know .. I just realized the bridge in the beginning is the brooklyn bridge!!!and the video is in NY ... shhh * looks around plays video again and looks at it again *

Oh..thats cool....Try to see some good tamil movies and ofcourse with sub titles!!

ohh that's pretty cool MM! i dont know much of tamil though but there are a few tamil movies that get dubbed and they are pretty good!..

Yeah Telugu movies are great too!! I love Happy of all telugu movies...and ofcourse Bommarilu...I have watched it some 15 times!!

yes it is...i'm not a huge fan of hindi movie too have to say lolz MM!

Oh...yes...I watched it many times too!! Very touching movie but it the storyline appears old after all these years!!

Ya i suppose lolz MM! i remember watching it so many times...

Thanks you scribbles!! Everyone in India love this song I guess!!<br />
<br />
Its great that you liked this song!! Yes I will add more here in your group!! By the way the actor there is Shah Rukh Khan,superstar here like you have Tom Cruise there!!

I love it ...omg ... I am saving this one too .... keep them coming darling . these songs are fantastic<br />
* dances around MM to the song * ...thank you for posting this darling

Hi MM...i love that song Man! :)