My Favorite.....

Not just my favorite youtube video, my favorite video I own.....

Los Lonely Boys "Heaven"

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Wow, 14 instruments... what a talented man! I'm with you, I couldn't imagine not having music in my life. Whether I'm playing it or just sitting back listening, it gets me through my day. Peace and love to you and BIG hugs :) J~

Aaw, thanks, hon. Haha, Miss Cheeky is ALWAYS right, she's a smart lady :)

It is nice when you can read music , opens up so many possibilities, and you end up practicing more. I have to say though don't feel bad you can't read music, I can't play by ear. THAT is very hard to do. you should be very proud of yourself.

It's a good thing to read music, I should get off my butt and learn. I love music and I really love sitting with that guitar and trying to learn something new :)

The guitar was my grandfather, then my Dads, now mine, and eventually will be my sons. It is just right for smaller people.<br />
<br />
Meh I play badly too. That doesn't matter though. It is about the Joy you get from trying. <br />
I never had lessons either , I did play the prim when I was in the tamberitizans for a while but I'm not sure that counts. I mostly tought myself how to Play. I can read music though and am making sure my son can too.

Don't believe her Miss Cheeky, she plays that guitar beatifully! And this song is AWESOME. <br />
<br />
Miss Giggles, I know he sees you playing and he smiles.....

I love this song Miss Cheeky! Oh wow, you have that guitar? I can't play my first husbands electric or acoustic guitars...they are too big for me :p He had an acoustic made just for me and I love it although I'm not very good at it. I play by ear, never learned to read music.

OMG I just realized I have that Guitar nice


Reece! you caught me awake again hehehe. Yes, I figured how hard could it be so I kept at it till I got it right :) I'm slow but I get there eventually LOL<br />
<br />
Miss BC....yes, I know. It freaked me the first time I saw this and the song just fits. I am as amazed as you, Miggy was beautiful wasn't he.......

Damn girl! You weren't just whistling dixie when you said he looks like Miggy. That guy with the long hair is Miguels doppelganger!!! God it makes me miss him so much.....I'm just stunned, I don't know what to say! I gotta get Soph to look at this. Wow!

You figured out how to put em on now? HEHEHE ;)