What Did You Expect??

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Aww Scooby!! We can't take you anywhere.

I like the whole vinyl experience too. Um, oh crap, I wasn't supposed to go there. My bad!

Thanks, Des. :)<br />
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Lilt - miss indeed. I still buy them when I can. Love the sound, and the whole experience of vinyl. (Don't go there people. Get your minds out of the gutter for once.)<br />
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Guess I'll have to look that one up, Faucon.

I miss album covers :-(

I don't actually own this, redtailfree. Or rather, not in album form. I have the CD. I've just always loved it.<br />
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Jadin - thanks. :)

I have two covers that go back a couple of decades, one is from Boston's Don't Look Back Tour and the other is from Queens Bohemon and Rapsidy

Second favorite album. Rubber Soul has better music, but not by far. The album art is amazing here...

Nice, top notch for sure. One of the best ever.