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Pantyhose - The Female Torture Device

I hate them. They run, they're sweaty in summer and unless you're a friggin' size 6 or smaller, they never fit quite right. If I must cover my legs, I'm more of a garter belt and thigh-high gal myself. Or leggings, if appropriate for the venue. Much more comfy.
Solidad42 Solidad42 41-45, F 2 Responses Jul 20, 2011

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Not to mention you can hardly even pull them up without making big holes in them.

it is nice to find that another lady shares my dislike of pantyhose. I live in a warm climate and during the long , hot months , I found early on that I perspied copiously which was very uncomfortable for me , and slightly embarrassing . Being in a full time job in a white collar industry , we have to wear either slacks , or hosiery thru the day . my preference is for a garter belt , like yourself , and often , a basque or corset , and wouldnt you know , the men folk go crazy about the fashion . an added bonus . ?