The Most Christian Men Can Be Dicks

Last year, around september, my family and friends of the family had a going-away get-together for me and a friend, let's call him Jacob, because I was moving out of my parents' house and both of us were going to the same college. The attendees to this dinner were all, in my experiences, considered very devout christians. One man, in particular, let's call him Robert, who was there was who I considered the most caring, holy man in the world. I really looked up to him because he led a good life, supported his cancer patient wife who had lost her attractiveness but he still loved, and he was a good hardworking successful businessman. The admiration was one-sided; Since I first met him, his attitude toward me seemed kind of superior, but I never knew for sure; I had figured it was just me being too sensitive. But, when we were at the dinner table this one night, everyone was talking about me and Jacob's majors, our plans for individual lives, etc.. and Robert looked over at me and said "look at you. I used to look like you...", he paused, "then I grew up." It got kind of quiet. and I said "did you mean that the way it sounded?" and it was still quiet, he just snarled at me and stroke up some other conversation. But I never really figured out what he meant by that. He had said stuff that hinted his superiority complex in the past.

Anyway... this kind of behavior from people who are as esteemed as him leaves me pondering what real christianity is. I've found that many christians are meaner, nastier people who cover up their true self with a holy facade. People I once though were holy turned out to be liars.

Or, perhaps I read too much into what people say? Maybe I should let what people say not change how I think of them? Perhaps nothing of what people say reflects who they really are?
Calicoder Calicoder
26-30, M
May 21, 2012