Too Many Gifts

I've always thought that the Powers that Be were overly generous when giving me my Gifts.  If you are only given one talent then you know perfectly well what the Divine Beings intended you to do with your life.  But when you are given several, it's just confusing. 

Like my parents, I have a great singing voice, but I'm too shy to sing in public.  Just for myself and my close friends. 

I have a good intelligence, but it is scattered over many interests.  I just love the process of learning.

I am an artist, but was never in a position to make a living at it until the past few years.  And I create to please myself.  I could never undertake a commission unless I have free artistic reign over it. 

I can write, but have no ambition to be a great writer.

I love to help people with their problems, but I don't wish to make a career out of it.

I am psychic in several ways, but I think taking money for that is wrong.

So.  I am using my talents, but am I also wasting them?

Oh, and I can also wiggle my ears.

61-65, F
4 Responses Mar 9, 2009

Thanks, DD. Backatcha. I forgot about Kitchen Witch. I don't think of it as a talent, but as fun and recreation. I'm very glad we connected on EP!

WHAT 62??? You are not a young maiden Priestess/Goddess???<br />
OMGoddess, I was going to sale everything I have and rush to your side.<br />
I was hoping to get in “touch” with the one talent that I was hoping you might have!<br />
I am speaking of the Kitchen Witch, of course, of course.<br />
<br />
Seriously, you have improved my quality of life since I have come to EP. I feel we have the most in common and that you understand my visions and Magick because you have been studying the Wiccan path longer then most have lived. <br />
<br />
I see you as a true and powerful occultist in the true sense of the word. Women, in general, our often the force behind a man who stands in the light. Women are the stabilizing factor in most families. As Priestess you expand on this natural role and your yin nature increases your quiet power even more. Seriously, I am very glad you are here and doing your thing…DD

Yes, it's true - at 62 I feel far more comfortable in my ever-wrinkling skin. And I can accept myself as I am. Yet I am driven. I cannot shake that powerful sense that I do have a Purpose, and work that I am meant to do. It has never left me alone, and drives me still.

At 65 I am pleased to say I am who I am. Or as Julian of Norwich,the best-known of the mediaeval English mystics: her most famous saying - "all shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well." <br />
<br />
Does a drop of water in the Ocean know it's purpose?