Rude Or Right On ?

Notorious for his opinions and comments on American  Idol. Well, this year I think he's right on. Last year I could have crawled thru the TV and smacked his head.  As a judge, he is blunt and often his predictions are accurate.  I don't know..It's hard to tell if he's acting or a real cold personality. Imagine working for him?

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Oh no no no no, I'm not going to miss him, but I will always appreciate him cuz of what he did to get Susan Boyle on the front of everyone's mind. A lot of people can't believe that I love Susan Boyle's angelic voice, cuz of my love for classic Rock music. Jefferson Airplane, the Doors, Iron Butterfly and many others. I didn't have such diversified tastes back then.

Ha! He's such a Bit*h but in a good way..he's been nicer this season ..we'll see . Oh, I'm loving the auditions.Screeching and lotsa drama.Too funny.

LOL! Who'd a thunk it? Snippy pants is a perfect description of him.

I'm going to miss him after this yr.They can try to get a copy cat Simon but no..He's the King of snippy pants.

Yep, the look on his face was priceless. But he really stepped up to the plate in helping her get started with her new career. God bless him for that anyway. When you see him getting snobby you want to hate him, but you see him getting sweet, you want to love him to death. I hope that doesn't qualify us as schitzo. (spelling?)

I agree SugarB..He goes too far. Maybe this season he'll soften up since it's his last time for judging.I loved the ex<x>pression o his face when Susan B. sang her first notes..wasn't he blown away? He has been kind to her and I know she will be fine.I love her voice too.

Sometimes, I would like to just slap the fool out of that boy. But he did take care to get Susan Boyle started. And I'm a big fan of hers. So I have mixed feelings about him. I realize that this story was written before the Susan Boyle discovery. Sometimes he's a sugar and sometimes he's just a bore. But there's never a dull moment, that's for sure.

You hit the nail on the head june. The comparisons are harsh.In the long run,he makes it interesting. I'd hate to be in front of millions watching and he says the clothes and hair are hideous.Those contestants must be thinking some ugly things about Simon!

I think hes rude -yes but, hes right on about some of the things he says!

You know, the people who work with and for him say he's actually a very nice person.<br />
<br />
There are times when I want to be mean and say exactly as he does - I think he's only being honest. Like destry says, he says what I have in mind!<br />
<br />
But then again, he can cut off some of those comparisons he's made. After all it seemed like he needed to think about it first and if you need to compose such things, they're better left unsaid.

I agree dutch. I don't like his insults and the snarky, "sorry",that follows. Yet, he knows what he observes.I agree, in a different style.Randy is so fun to here. Sassy and friendly.."You da bomb,baby!"

For me... it's like the one judge I wanna hear... like the others don't really count... well mabe Randy..

I would much rather work for him then some sweet and friendly hypocrite. At least you know were you stand…DD

Hey, I'm such a sucker for an accent!Lol <br />
Yes Josie, you're right, and he's pretty quick on his feet!

Sometimes i love and sometimes i don't (some of his looks can rub me the wrong way). But he is good and his quips are pretty much on point all the time.

Sometimes i love and sometimes i don't (some of his looks can rub me the wrong way). But he is good and his quips are pretty much on point all the time.

I wonder if he's faking the rude routine ?

I agree with you destry! He says exactly what I'm thinking! LOL<br />
He sure doesn't sugar-coat it, does he? Ha ha

I think he's ssexy! *giggle*<br />
His comments crack me up! He is pretty accurate though.<br />
Ya, I've often wondered what he's really like!