Well the album (in the logo) is pretty good. In case that's what this group happened to be about, lol.

As for the actual thing, I guess it can work sometimes. You'd probably need a set of rules like they did on One Tree Hill or Seinfeld. You'd just have to be careful not to get too attached. Then again, that differs from person to person.

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I think its beneficial.

I had made some friends in the city quite some time ago, & we all left the bar & went over someone's flat & partied a bit more. I was checking out this fine lady whose apt. we were hanging out in, I wanted to be her man. Well the night wore down, it was time for us to leave, & this one dude stayed behind. "Dammit!" I said to my friend as we were leaving, "she's got a boyfriend!" "No man" my friend said. "That's her ****-buddy." I was totally unprepared for that! So, I reasoned out that folks up here just do it for the hell of it sometimes, w/ no feelings of love or real affection. And, what do you say in the morning in that situation? Wham, bam, thank you maam? I was kind of turned off after that. Bummer.