Well They Must Be Good.

 I might be wrong on this (atleast some people might think I am and thats ok) 

I have this saying sex is sex and love is love.  I've had friends with benifits before and the biggest problem with it was they got all attached.  Maybe I was selfish and really I just wanted my friendship and I wanted to mess around a little bit because well they were good in bed.  

When I want to make love to some one its much different than sex its different than friends with benifits.  It has meaning. Having a friend you mess around with is just a good time.  And I'm not sure how good of friends you really are but hey who am I to judge.  

sacredvision sacredvision
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1 Response Feb 9, 2009

I had a FWB for years. She was a nude dancer, and beautiful. We liked the way each other fu*ked, but we were just friends and the only time we did it was when we were both free. Who am I to say it's wrong, unless one of you is married.