20 Years Is a Long Time...

That's how long I've had mine!  But this is possibly the most delicate situation you'll ever face. 

1st - If you are in a situation where you are still 'in love' and the other person isn't, it's not friends with benefits!  It's a booty call, and you're being used.  Get out now.

2nd - Friends with benefits is supposed to benefit both parties, if you're hanging on to something that isn't there anymore, and maybe never was, you're dilluding yourself.

3rd - One of the demand free benefits should be that you are still looking at all other possibilities and availablities(and by that I mean other, more emotionally available guys), not restricting yourself to someone who should not retain any higher status than any other friend you wouldn't discontinue pursuit of a healthy genuine realationship to please.


Aside from that, it could potentially be one of the most special and memorable experiences you ever have, as all of the normal pitfalls should not exist.  This allows also for you to actually find a suitable lover, as opposed to a one night stand with a stranger, given that he will fill the voids in your life that usually push us into doing those things we regret the morning after.

FlScorpio73 FlScorpio73
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2 Responses Mar 28, 2009

very clear advice........you got your point across

great post. I will live by this :)