Crazy In Love...

I know this is an older song, but it fits my mood so perfectly today. Do you ever feel like this, crazy in love??

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You are very perceptive, Kaybea1, that is actually an accurate kids tease me about carrying an Ipod more than they do. I just stick it in my pocket and throw headphones in and I am good to<br />
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Thanks for reading and commenting, loviee!

When my fiancé left me all those years ago, I used to listen to "Crazy Love" by Poco several times every night. My normal day to day theme song of my life now is "Darkness Darkness" by the Youngbloods, and I usually listen to it every day; in fact I'm listening to it now. Think I'll listen to "Crazy Love" next.

I know how old it is, that does not detract from what a fantastic song it is. Atleast not in my opinion, it doesn't.

When I met my husband way back when, I was really down on the love thing. But as we fell in love I can always remember Chicago singing "Feeling Stronger Every Day" !!