For Angelwings :)

My son and I were on date night tonight and I heard this song and immediately thought of YOU!!
I knew you'd rememeber it...I hope you enjoy as much as I did.. Hugs XOXOXO


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Ahh he's my baby (he's 8) and I know these days won't last forever, so when my daughter goes to her dad's...we always have a date night :) <br />
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Thanks Glowy :)

A date with your son? That's so super sweet. : )<br />
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(and the song is great too.)

Me too sweetie :) Hugs!

I'm glad we're glad!

Hey Brut!! I 'm sure glad you did :)

hey, I liked it too! thanks :-)

VeritasNow- I agree. They had some classics for sure :) . Thanks for your kind words!

Thanks Angel!!! XOXOX

Of of course you would DOT!! LOL <br />
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I can't tell you how long it has been since I have heard this but it was wonderful to hear it again. <br />
I am soooo glad you enjoyed it :) <br />
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I LOVE this song - I haven't heard it in so long - and it cheered me up - thanks Snowy - I am glad you thought of Angel and posted here!! <br />
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And, as Dorothy, I have particular fondness for a song by the name of "The Tin Man" OF COURSE!