For The Broken Hearts.....

This song is what came to mind as I held a sweet soul-friend watching her cry and simply crumble in my arms last night. So many are broken hearted and I see their  spirits literally crushed. I'm at a loss for words and feel quite helpless when I look into the eyes of such pain.  To say the heavy shadows of hurt will ease with the light of dawn seems trite, to say I've been there doesn't really help.  I pray for each of you in my circle and all across EP who are holding heartache and sadness in your souls.  I pray for peace of mind, grace under the pressure of life's slings and arrows, and blessings for your life.  One thing I know you must do.... let the pain out.  Keeping it bottled up inside and wearing a mask of happiness only fosters a deeper hurt, a wound that won't heal, and suddenly your life comes crashing down around you.  This is what EP was meant for.  Those not only in physical pain , but the pain of heartache.  Lean on your friends, let us help.  What becomes of the broken hearted ??  We survive.  We find the strength in our friends to rise like the fabled Phoenix from the ashes of our pain and we go on with our lives.  It may seem like the end, as though we will never get up off the ground, but I HAVE been there and you will get through this.  I sit here wishing I could hold each of you in my arms and ease your pain but know that I love you all and my heart is with you.

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That is sweet.

Thank you Jacee1960. I am most fortunate to have made good friends and family here on EP. Sending hugs and a smile for your day!! Giggles

I don't know you giggles, but from reading this story you sound like an amazing friend. This was a very touching story and I know your friends are very fortunate to have someone like you in their corner.<br />
<br />
And the song is a favorite of mine as well. :-D

Oh Miss Giggles, it was me you held so tight when my heart was breaking and I will be forever grateful for your love and friendship. I agree with all that my sister Alluneedis said, thank you for your blessings and strength. To be part of this family is truly a blessing and we love you. You are in such pain and I am amazed and in awe of your capacity to always reach out to those of us who are hurting. Bright blessings to you and your trooper. We miss you here on EP and hope for your recovery and speedy return.... lol, we need a "giggle" and one of those fabulous "huggies" !! <br />
Love, AF

HUGGIES!!! I have to say that it is ME who is blessed each time I come on EP and find a hug or message from my friends and family here. Love you sweetiepops! heart is with you and although we are seperated by distance, I send you my prayers and hugs. I've felt nearly all those things at one time or another in this life....and when they pile on it can feel as though we won't stand under the weight. But I'm living proof you can. Let your friends on EP help. Find the one who will listen...truly listen...sometimes words can't help but knowing someone is "listening" is the presc<x>ription to wellness. <br />
Love and light to you,<br />

"Ever Feel Like????"<br />
<br />
Ever feel so dark it has left an indelible mark?<br />
Ever feel so sad when you should be mad?<br />
Ever feel so far away from life its like there is no light?<br />
Ever feel so far from those you have loved and are now gone, from twilight to dawn<br />
Ever feel so discouraged and the absence of courage?<br />
Ever feel like God is deaf to your cries, your alibis?<br />
Ever feel like love is lost? It’s such a high cost<br />
Ever feel like nobody knows the darkness you loathe?<br />
Ever feel like you will never see your Mom? All of that love, gone.<br />
Ever feel cursed, it could never get worse, but it does<br />
Ever feel ugly inside and out that love will never find you again, was it sin?<br />
Ever feel like the leper cast aside with nothing but abide?<br />
Ever feel like you lost your way? A castaway<br />
Ever feel like tossing a wasted life away just to assuage the cries that stay?<br />
Ever feel like you will never be found again, it’s the end?<br />
Ever feel like you can no longer pretend?<br />
Ever feel like you lost your faith almost feels like hate?<br />
Ever feel like you are a fake a miserable mistake?<br />
Ever feel so far away from the angels that save even if you misbehave?<br />
Ever feel like you wish you could wash away all the damage done and re-realize fun?<br />
Ever feel like you have no right to feel down and out?<br />
Ever feel like there are others with pain far greater than yours? Yes but their cries are same, like falling rain.<br />
Are there degrees of pain? A black cloud is the same as your dismal shroud.<br />
Ever feel like you have let yourself down so bad your own internal jihad<br />
Ever feel like you need a miracle to pull you from your sadness: eternal madness?<br />
This is where I am in this moment, this reoccurring moment, this torrential torment.

You're welcome VelvetLady. Blessed be ..

Hehehehe, Oh I remembered the B problem and I knew what you meant.... or maybe a little less of me wouldn't really hurt.... LMBO Here's another round of BBBBBBBBBBBBB's for ya!

umm I mean Blessed we are.... darn stupid rebellious B's Miss giggles I need more B's pls

Thanks Miss FG. I love my friends and hate to see so many feeling broken but I'm praying and sending love and light to all.

beautiful song.

Aaw, thank you Miss Cheeky. I luvs you, too!!! Big Hugs :)

You such a bright star Miss Giggles. Your kind and loving heart really knows no limit. lessed we are to have you.<br />
<br />
HUGGS<br />
<br />
(LOVE this song btw)

@ my Trooper, you take my breath away and I love you so :)<br />
<br />
@ Miss SC, you are special and don't ever forget that. Yes, Miss Cheeky is a very wise woman and we love her to bits. She's right, this is a new beginning! Now I'm off to see what new vid you've posted... laterrrrrr :)

Every time I read something you've written I see such love and you amaze me again. I'm so proud to call you friend, love of my life, my beautiful wife. Your love and caring just knows no bounds. Those of us who are privileged to be touched by your compassion and love are the lucky ones of this world. Brook is right, watching you with your friend this weekend leaves me in awe of your gift and capacity to ease the pain. You've done that for me many times and I am grateful you are in my life.

Many hugs and my prayers for peace and healing to you, concretecowboy.

Oh Brook, you are gonna make me cry. Thank you , hon, it is much more than a "simple" gift. It means so much to me. I love you too, with all my heart. (((hugs)))

I usually crack a joke to make you smile, but now is not the moment for levity. I watched you with your friend and I am in awe. She truly was heartbroken but today the pain has eased and she has you to thank for that. Your gift is amazing and we love you. Now please take care of yourself and receive our love and strength as a simple gift to our littlest angel.