11th Commandment...

A heart breaking song about stopping child abuse...saw him perform in concert many years ago and alot of the audience was in tears !! Glad I came across this once again !!


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Ahhh Mother but that is exactly why you should watch it, if for nothing else awareness...but I understand and it is okay if you cannot bear to watch !! Thank You !!

Thank you Suzie...as long as her and I have one another...we can get through anything !!<br />
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Thank you as well Kookiesmonster, I did not know that next month is Awareness and Prevention month...my pleasure for posting it !!

Next month is National Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month this will be an excellent repose. So glad you posted it.

We all know it is wrong to abuse anyone but I am sure there are people on this site who abuse their loved ones...people get real sensitive when it comes to children because the adults in their life should know better...I have never experienced or witnessed child abuse but I too am very sensitive about it !! Its just something you don't do...thank you S-Jay, he is a great artist..I have seen him several times in concert, he is an entertainer in every sense of the word !!

lol no no, you didn't upset me. I'm glad people take a stand on this issue.. it's just a real sensitive issue with me. I'm glad you posted this song, he's a great artist.

Awww, I'm sorry S-Jay...someone on here posted child abuse statistics, they were extraordinary, and it made me think of this song and how it got to me listening to it many years ago !! It is a very powerful song but I sure didn't mean to upset anyone or make anyone a blubbering mess, LOL !! (( HUG ))

I started to watch this, and after I got chills before he got to the 2nd verse, I had to stop it. I know it's prolly a powerful song, but I knew I wouldn't be able to make it through it without being a blubbering mess. lol