The Right Stuff...

LOL...a lil piece of my childhood and I was so singin this earlier...I had to do it !! ROTF...check out Joey's shirt and jacket, slap some pigtails and freckles and who do you have !!  

phillyphan78 phillyphan78
31-35, F
5 Responses Jun 15, 2011

Well you know why this is wifey, because you got the "right stuff", lol !

2 days later... Ima still singin this.. hookah!

severiously you should be beaten for this.. lol! I can't stop singin it! hooker

Ah there she is...lil miss pigtails and freckles herself ! I posted it so it could haunt you all day long wifey ! Now shhhhh and let's dance chiquita !

ooooh yeah! I just turned into a 12 yr old! ahhhhh nkotb I love youuuuuuu! rofl!!! Ima have this effin song stuck in my head all dayum day! ah-haha look at those fresh dance moves!