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Omg, I'm still laughing and I think you should post your video!!!

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OK OK, I admit I make my a bit stronger than Mama did but you have to admit IT'S GOOD!! LOL <br />
Hehe, BigRed, I will do anything to make you and TrprB turn red ;) Hmm... belly chains you say? Can't imagine why you hear that... Bahahahaha!! <br />
<br />
Aaw, you didn't miss much Sis, just a few bootay dances and come to think of it.... belly chains jingling! I think Trpr needs to hand over that vid so you can see what you missed.... I have a plan but I need your help!! lol

ROFLMBO......."AUTHORITY ALWAYS WINS" eh?! You are a hoot!! Omg, I'm finally over the headache and sworn off the lemon cyanide!! YIPES.... WHAAAAAAAAAAAT did I miss? All I can remember is Trpr saying "visiting hours at the loony bin are over and the patients should be in bed" and carting me off to my roomsy. Crusties!! I always miss the good stuff ;(

Put the camera down, Miss Belle, and back away S L O W L Y !! No more video cam duty for you!!! Gotta go with TrprBadass on this, that video is NONEXISTENT as far as you all are concerned! Miss AutumnFrost is just fine and , lol, here I am Giggles. How's that headache of yours? lmao.... you really missed a good party when you zonked out ;) <br />
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Brook, I can't believe you posted this! This song has been stuck in my head all weekend... lol, but it makes me smile everytime I think of it and for some reason I hear belly chains jingle ?? lol Authority always wins ;)

Got the camera, ready for action... umm... well, lol, you know what I mean! Nobody has heard from those two so I'm guessing the dance is still on ;) <br />
<br />
And Cheeky is absolutely right. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH VODKA!! but I will say Brook got a bit heavy handed this go round, lmbo ;)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!! I HOPE they ARE still dancing

ROFLMAO............ omg, I can't breathe!!!!!! I haven't heard from Miss AutumnFrost OR the cop she was with.... hmmm.... mayhaps they are still dancing??.... teehee... Belle better get the video cam!

noooooooo I don't wanna SPLODIE!!!!!!<br />
<br />
the beans......... the BEEEANNNNSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!

Aaaw, you know you "SPLODEY" if you keep that kind of stuff in!! Omg, I'm over here howling!

ROLLING!!!!! *fights urge to comment *<br />
<br />
* picks up spilling beans before the hit ground*

Oooh, it was fun and I'm not the least bit ashamed....I JUST DON'T WANT BROOK TO GET HER HANDS ON THAT VID!!! Lmbo, you KNOW she'd show it!! Yikes ...... SC and I were just "foolin' round" with the Authorities... tahahaha

I did not know there was such a thing as "too much Vodka" :P haha<br />
<br />
it seems like you all had a blast, no reason to feel a shamed of that... GOOD FOR YOU !!!!

AAAARRRGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Omg **hangs head and turns red** IT WASN'T MY FAULT.... Brook put too much vodka in the jungle juice!!!!!

HOWLING.... Gia your so *cough* good ;) with words... :P

CHEEKYG IS RIGHT!! Come on, trooper, don't be all stiff and stodgy over this, lol, (sorry, I couldn't help that one)... I think we need another party and this time I GET THE VIDEO CAM!!!!!

Did... SOMEONE say VIDEO.....??????<br />
<br />
tee heeee.... I wanna see it darn it. you can always edit out any.... embarrassing moments :P

Well there is a slight chance mine has a tiny bit more vodka in it than Mama's did ;) Lol, you are a lightweight child!!!

Teehee, I had waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much fun last night and my head tells me so today!!! YIPES what do you put in that Limoncello??? I don't remember Mama making it that strong!!!! Lol, sorry Sis, I'm with Trooper on this one....NOBODY WILL EVER SEE THAT VID! <br />
<br />
Belle, YOU aren't off the hook!! You taped it...argh!

Aaw, you people are no damn fun!!! **gives you the raspberry!!** lmao

Hmm... I was told by a little birdie that someone posted a great song... yes, well as long as I live and breathe you will never see that little video again!! And I have the feeling when my Giggles and Miss SC "come to their senses" they will agree, lol. Very funny Brook, but no dice! Good song , though ;)

LMBO omg, Sis, you did it anyway! Well, at least that's all you said about it... I have the feeling TrprB and BigRed would kill you and not even your hubby could save you. YOU ARE BAD!!