This is the way I feel today.... the way I feel everyday.

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What you have written is just beautiful, Ms Moonsong. Thank you so much. I will open my eyes. Blessed be.... AF

Aah, you are wise in your words , rain is a life giving drink to our souls. Tears of the Moon or tears of the Sun, both teach us much and bring new life. Sad songs of the heart often bring happiness if we open our eyes to see that which the Goddess is trying to teach us. Keep your eyes open, young one, you have the ability to "see". Love and light, DrangonM

Thank you so much, BigRed. I really do have wonderful friends and happy to count you among them. ((hugs)) and a smile ;)

We've all felt this way sometime in our lives. Some of us seem to get hit with it more than others, but I've seen the change in you lately and it's all for the good. I'm glad your sun is shining again. You have friends who love you and we're always here when you feel tired and lonely.

Thank you , yes, the sun comes once again and the rain and sun both give new life. My sun is shining again and I am warmed by it's beauty.

Good morning AF,<br />
<br />
after every rainy day comes the sun again, to warm us and give life. you're sun is shining again

Oh so true, Miss Becnme, she does know how to make me laugh and see the bright side. I do feel much better and thank you for your well wishes.... and your comments..... lol, "soylent tea", still laughing about that ;)

I hope you're feeling better Miss AF.. With Miss G around it's hard to be down long :)

Okey doke, I'm baaaaackkkkkk and I wants the knowing of it all.....better? Feeling less like it's a lonely rainy day? You just know I will pester the life out of you till you can't help but laugh and see the bright side of life ;) **dances away in candycane tutu laughing at the moon** Toodles!!!!!!!! Heya.....I just remembered somethin'....didn't you tell me you once had a "minty fresh" patient come in the ER one night??? Bahahaha, omg, I need that story for the book AE and I have decided MUST be written.... wow, just freakin wow, eh? Bet that made you spit your Soylent Tea across the room =D

Oh Miss G....Soylent Tea....roflmbo!!!!

Lol, oooh, love it!! You made it rhyme ;) **sings for Becnme**
Oh Miss G...Soylent Tea....come and have a cup with me!

Thank you, I look forward to tomorrow and was sent an extra dose of "serenity" tonight. It was more than I expected and very much needed from him. Yes, we will talk.....love and light.....

I love the song, hon, but not the fact that you feel this way. Tomorrow will be brighter, it is given on the wind that you will be stronger and wiser....Sarinda has spoken to me and I know it to be true. Take care and we will talk ;)