Eddie Rabbitt - I Love A Rainy Night

For anyone who loves a rainy night. :)

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I absolutely love rainy nights

Nice..I'm gonna hear this song next time I walk in rain :)

Well, then go ahead and believe that it was. I don't mind. :)

Ha, ha. You're welcome mehameha.

The days of country rock and waking up trying to piece together how I wound up where I wound up. Amazing I'm still alive. Good days, crazy days. Glad they are over days. But a lot of fun. Thanks for taking me back. I think? haha

Eddie Rabbit... wow. This takes me back.... wwwwwwwaaaaayyyyy back. As far as dancing goes.... here you go:

Love Will Smith. The video was making me want to get jiggy with it. (oops, dating myself)

This is true...

ha, ha. The right person helps for sure.... but so does the alcohol. ;) can't be that bad :). You just gotta have the right person dancing with you!

Hold on, let me try..... oh, nevermind, I forgot that I'm not drinking. No drinky- no dancey. :)


This is fun to dance to :)

I really like this song.In my younger day,i loved walking or driving my motorcycle on a rainy night.

lol. Riding in the rain? I never did like that. The rain drops felt like pebbles hitting my skin. Maybe I should have slowed down. :0

Absolutely adore this song and love a rainy night. :D

Great song. Do you remember his other hit "Driving My Life Away". I like that one too.

It's got a really nice upbeat to it. I didn't recognize it until the chorus. Its a good song as well. Still like "I Love A Rainy Night" better.

I forgot about that song,have not heard it in awhile.It is good..