Eddie Rabbitt - I Love A Rainy Night

For anyone who loves a rainy night. :)

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7 Responses Sep 28, 2011

I absolutely love rainy nights

The days of country rock and waking up trying to piece together how I wound up where I wound up. Amazing I'm still alive. Good days, crazy days. Glad they are over days. But a lot of fun. Thanks for taking me back. I think? haha

Eddie Rabbit... wow. This takes me back.... wwwwwwwaaaaayyyyy back. As far as dancing goes.... here you go:<br />
<br />

This is true...

Lol...it can't be that bad :). You just gotta have the right person dancing with you!

This is fun to dance to :)

Absolutely adore this song and love a rainy night. :D

It's got a really nice upbeat to it. I didn't recognize it until the chorus. Its a good song as well. Still like "I Love A Rainy Night" better.