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 After drinking after the restaurant lights, liu2 xing see smiling looked at his summer rain."You see." Liu2 xing looked at summer rain asked."I think. Both our war of the distance between, the final winner who." Summer rain smile looked at liu though way."Your birthday. Today you are your biggest winner." LiuXingDao."That you mean to say, tomorrow you will become a winner bai." Summer rain smiling to liu though way."No, after eating a meal can pandora beads LiuXingDao, then corners of the mouth slightly raise, the smile of a meaning, very XiaoHun.Hear liu2 xing words, summer rain a face not understand, what is called 'after eating a meal can outcome'. Will he who eat more than."The food tastes good." Before the summer rain reaction came over, liu2 xing have open to eat.

 "In the delicious. All the words before use, you are not to eat at noon." Liu though out some big evil spirit emotional appeal of words, and now atmosphere are antipathetic."Far more than is noon, you make me pandora bracelets I did not eat breakfast." Summer rain heard liu2 xing words, liu2 xing said after it as she meaning, so at this time, two people also don't play any romantic, direct drive to eat.In the beginning. Two people eat very safe, but as liu2 xing suddenly by hand grasp a piece of cake clap in summer rain face. 'war' official outbreak, cake, red wine with two men of body, this. Is not a binge.Two people mocked dozen make, stay to two people are tired of time, just leans against each other sitting on the board.

 Each other at each other, with the mind the window in emotional communication. Liu2 xing and summer rain are not belong to rationality. All follow feeling. At this moment. Two people buried in the psychological passion out immediately. Turn into a rout.Happy birthday, chapter three hundred and thirty.four foreverLiu2 xing and summer rain feeling arrive thick hold between each other, kiss."It's very sweet". "Liu2 xing licked summer rain face cream said, with a smile.Summer rain enchanting white liu2 xing one eye. cheap pandora then break free of liu2 xing arms stood up."I. I take a shower." With that red face went into the bathroom. Liu2 xing saw the leng, who after a bath. She is in imply that also can go in wash together.

 Liu2 xing suddenly had an idea. Go to pandora charms australia other a toilet flush it. And then take off the bare of lying in bed.Before long, the direction of the sound came from the bathroom, it looks like the summer rain had had washed, liu2 xing back a body pretend to sleep. Just not closed door just.Summer rain a face of curious, today's liu2 xing's really strange, unexpectedly. Didn't take a shower to account for their cheap. Is really strange. Came to the sitting room looked at. No one. And then quietly come to liu2 xing's bedroom. Sleep. Summer rain see leng leng. As the strong feelings, how can you sleep. Want to know before that already have a week did not speak. No thoughts and. The exchange of flesh.
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Oct 8, 2011