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" Liu2 xing looked at liu said, say on this year May 1 sister will be and wang zhenzhong married, when their turn to. Liu2 xing looked at the side of a few women, this will be a very serious problem."I get married, and may this year. In 30 years old before I won't consider the children, you want to be, when dad as uncle. LiuYueXiao the said."If you don't try pandora beads hard, that I also what the hurry is." LiuXingXiao the said."Because of you. The future is liu" There has been no talk of the LiuZhenLing said, it seems to me that he also try so hard. Also, now to think let liu2 xing inheritance, then retire to liu grandson.

 This old man's idea would be nice."Rightness, you now. what safety measures.Mom, to have a meal, the first line not. Don't say" Liu2 xing wry smile of looking at opposite of old mama said."You have also been eldest brother not small, this is all morning and evening. Later don't use what safety measures, don't have what take into consideration, how much we are born of liu raise up." Liu2 xing's mother to liu2 xing said, then transferred to the eyes of the four future daughter.in.law before them. Liu2 xing in selecting daughter.in.law this point, really let her this when the mother is very satisfied."Mom, I am also not to want a child, on the one hand, I also want to do and they live together a day, tomorrow But she would, summer snow are separate static so long time, and I would have to meet pandora charms canada parents.

 On the other hand, my father tried to make me inherit liu, static, summer snow, summer rain and she would help me in the company are graceful, working so busy, where there is time born. "Liu2 xing looking at old mama say after this said. A little dizzy, how about liu2 xing chatting pandora bracelets guest that child's question is a bit far removed."The wedding and marriage certificate of what is not a problem, you can do is this afternoon." Liu2 xing's mother said."There is a male four female marriage certificate." Liu2 xing asked."Don't you worry about this, I'm sure I can let you with the card, and it is really." Liu2 xing's mother said.

Liu2 xing heard a face of a rather sour face, then with side a few women exchanged a look including sun mei, it looks old mama is to the grandson thought crazy.Chapter four hundred and thirty.five children.Old mama also continued in the side pandora australia the things have grandchildren, liu2 xing head down low, a deeply pretend vice didn't hear of appearance, but liu2 xing side, several women is red the face. Wish to pass under the table.Liu2 xing wonder whether to ssi such age, hurry to have grandchildren. Even a face of deep dad about this matter when the feeling is shining eyes."Well, if you decide to now have the kids, so the things you don't have to liu to management. My body still line, can hold on a few years.
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