I Wanna Dance ;)

Yes, I think it's time to "dance with somebody who loves me"..... I wanna feel the heat!!!!!!!
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Hi, SuperMother ;) Glad you like the song and hope you have a great Sunday evening !!

That's better.... now try to behave.<br />
<br />
NJ??~~ He's all yours, Greedy Giggles is gone ;)

teehee ;)

I like Johnny Depp too *drool*

YIPPEEE... sharzzzies and YES JD is definitely a "like" ;) Woohoo...somebody gotzzz it bad for Chris Matthews! He's adorable :)

AAAWWWW POOPY!! you ain't no funzzzz ;( **drops pirate and wanders away**

LMBO!!!!! Put Mr Depp down Giggles ..... you have butterscotch dreams already!! It isn't nice to be all greedy!

Pirates?? DID I HEAR SOMEONE SAY PIRATE????????????? Where?! WHERE IS THE PIRATE!! Hand that bit of butterscotch over and nobody gets hurt =D

Miss Becnme, I've thrown in a big dollop of chili pepper, that ought to get Giggles love stew working on all cylinders! <br />
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Beautiful, Bound2likeit, thank you for your comment and your good wishes ;) <br />
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Mmm....licorice and slurpees? **runs in and lights pink candles for sister NJ and Annie** Well, hopefully Chris Matthews is available, we can't have you two fighting over Mr. Depp like that!! There could be a riot on the dance floor (especially if Giggles is there....she likes pirates lol )

Thank you, Miss Moonsong, we did , indeed, have a lovely dance ;) I have the feeling that the nice man who winks at you would be happy if you said....Baile conmigo, Senor? <br />
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Lol, "La Machine & Senorita Sizzle".... you never forget names, do you Miss Giggles!! **tosses chili pepper in pot of love spices**... now that should "heat" it up ;)<br />
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Thank you, Miss Cheeky, it was an "aawww" moment and I'm smiling today ;)

I'm with you Cheeky....awwwww......still waiting for that person to offer me a dance. I think I may be waiting a LONG time *sighs*

Awwwwww...... just... awwwwww

Teehee.... I luvs it!! La Machine and Senorita Sizzle went dancing...yippeeee!!! **does the happy dance across the room** <br />
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Hmmm....now I must work on DragonM and Becnme... **stirs pot of love spices**

This is sweet and makes me smile. The moon is bright and the stars are shining..... hope you have a lovely dance ;) <br />
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I agree with Miss Becnme, the thought makes me sigh. I remember dancing with one who loved me....perhaps it will happen again before I leave this world. But if it doesn't, I'll always have my precious memories ;)

Woohoo ;) I should've posted this video long ago!

**bows to Miss AF and dances her off into the night** (thanks Giggles!)

Wow!! Those pink candles work fast ;O Lol, **curtsies to BigRed and takes his hand** I'd love to dance ;)

Reporting for dance duty, Ma'am ;)

Aaw, thanks Miss Giggles ;) I like the song , too, it makes you want to get up and dance! And YEAH fo the pink candle , lol. We love ya!

I like this song ;) And I'm lighting my extra special PINK candles for you and Becnme. That special "somebody" will sweep you ladies off your footies and dance you into the night!!! Better get your dancing shoes ready ;)

Yesssssssss..... the thought makes me sigh, too, Becnme ;)

It would be lovely to dance with somebody who loves me....feel their heat.....*sigh*