If I Fell ~by~ The Beatles

One of my all time favorite Beatles songs. :)

thatguy1970 thatguy1970 41-45, M 2 Responses Nov 10, 2011

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I like the beat though mushy but I love the Beatles! I guess it's not intended for me because I don't really believe in love. I'd rather love sex! Now, remove that shirt and let's stop talking about love Hahahaha. (pardon your crazy friend, ok?) I couldn't help to pick on you coz you were never annoyed anyway! Peace, sexy!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Such a good one. The lyrics to this song are so simple but say so much. "If I trust in you, oh please don't run and hide." *sigh* Just wonderful. Perfect choice.

I think the simplicity of the lyrics is what helped the Beatles become so popular. They appeal to so many, even decades later. :)

I could not agree more. Although, there are some songs (I Am The Walrus, anyone?) that are not simple and really make me go " what did I just hear?" :o) Love me some Beatles!!