Ignorance - Kasey Chambers

" I have got something to say , I thought it might be worth a mention 
  If you're not pissed off at the world , then you're just not paying attention 
  You can turn off the TV , go back to bed
  Just cause you don't see it , it don't mean it's gone away .

  We don't talk to our neighbours , they've got funny coloured skin 
  We see them out on the side walk but we don't invite them in 
  We only eat when we're hungry and we throw the rest away 
  While babies in Cambodia are starving every day   "

This song is so powerful , it stirs up such raw emotion in me .
Sadly too much of western society live in a state of constant ignorance , you see it everyday people complaining about waiting in line for 5 minutes , or that bread went up in price again or that they can't afford that new dress or they got stuck in a traffic jam .  Meanwhile girls are being raped by human traffickers , parents watching their kids starve or dying of preventable illnesses , people being butchered in civil wars or murdered for speaking out .
 We sit in our homes while our armed forces blow up theirs , killing their families and destroying their entire existence . 
Makes me sick that people just don't care and choose to ignore it . If you're content in this world then you just aren't paying attention .

Told you this song made me emotional :) 


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70+, F
Nov 11, 2011