(funny Video) I'm Sexy And I Know It ~by~ Lmfao

I found this video today and it literally cracked me up!  If you like funny vids, give  it a chance. 

thatguy1970 thatguy1970 41-45, M 6 Responses Nov 16, 2011

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That was hysterical...
i sooo needed to laugh...
joyinthejourney, clg

I posted the same vid my kids crack up watching it.....and truth it was them that shared the vid with me...*giggles*..:):)

I do like this song. i find the video uncomfortable to watch.

Oh, I can't watch it! :-(

Maybe it's made with music the greedy Gema wants to see money for.

They fight with youtube and block many vids for Germany.

Can you send me the link please? Can't see it on my iPad.

Sure. Try this link to a list of YT vids...

Great thanks! *roflmfao*

I got a good laugh too, meha.

Too funny. Unfortunately I've met some people who actually think of themselves as sexy and they just so aren't. Great moves though and a well done coreography. Still LMAO to this one.