For Bangbang ;)

You are my kind......and you KNOW I luvs me a bit of Santana!

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Oh, BigRed, thank you so much. You have such a kind heart and that is the main reason I smile lately ;) HUGS

To see you smiling is like the beauty of a starry night. You are definitely "my kind" of Princess. To see you happy again, no more tears, is a true gift to all of us.

I'll remember that and I remember your question well. You asking me that simple question, and forcing me to think about the answer, has turned my life around. I am forever grateful for you and my family ;) Hugs SC

Aaw, Trpr be right , we love you to bits and just want to see you happy and healthy ;) To see you smiling brings joy to my heart!

aaaw, "wet and smiley" it ! And I am happiest when my sisters are smiling ;) Thank you, NJ and Giggles, you two are such a blessing in my life and I love you!!

Hmm...seems like my little sister has answered the question I once asked you. Good for you, I'm happy about it. He's one of the good guys, girl. Remember that and you'll be all right. Great song, btw ;)

WHAAAA??? You no trust moi???? have learned your lessons well, Princess Cinny Buns! Hmmm....I feelzz a juicy story coming on now....**runs off to find special Saber-pen and Space-Spiral notepad **

You'd better get a new story up...I got a gmail from one "Red Maul" saying he posted something for you ;) Hahahaha

Arghhh! Yes, thank you, I much prefer D2M2 write the story if it must be told....I don't trust Darth Giggles!! "juice it up" sounds scary ;O

Lol, I almost forgot about the Princess and the Snake ;) Hmm...I will have to work on that story! No worries Miss Cinnamon Buns, I'll do the story so Darth Giggles can't "juice it up".....omg laughing picturing her dancing away in a red sparkled tutu!

Tell it D2M2, don't let AF talk you out of it. Haha, she really DOES hate slithery snakes, doesn't she? lmao

Haha, yes she does!! I never saw someone walk on air

Eeewwweee!! Sounds like the Princess is miffed at ya, Red ;) Teehee....SUCK IT UP PRINCESS! (lol, I always wanted to say that) There's a story and you know it. If D2M2 doesn't tell it, you know dang well I WILL. And I will juice it up so you best hope Moonsong is the authorette ;) **dances away in best red sparkly tutu laughing like a hyena**

Lol, don't have a clue what you're on about! No snake, no princess....NO STORY :) Now you stop that **Princess stomps her dancing shoe and scowls at Red Maul!**

Lol, OH YES THERE IS A STORY! I was there and I saw it all with my own eyeballs!

Hmm....and where is YOUR story, Miss AF? Lol, I hear tell D2M2 has a tale about a snake and a Princess!

I couldn't agree more about, NJ!! HE'S AWESOME. I wasn't born until '79 but my Da had ALL the music and gave me a crash course in the best ;) I've been a fan of Carlos's guitar magic all my life and he only gets BETTER with age! <br />
I'm so happy we all have each other, too, Sis. Lol, I can't wait till BigRed and little Giggles start writing some stories for us...laughter is the best medicine, as they say, and those two have some VERY funny stories to tell ;) HUGS!

**thud** Lol, I fall over laughing everytime I think about what you said. Nooo, can't say we've worked on that just yet but I'll let TrprB know if it's at all possible ;) And YES, I've noticed none of the guys are willing to share those stories on here....NOT FAIR! I think Cheeky should begin an Official Protest against those who won't share funny stories....WAIT....never mind....I just realized I fall into that group ;O Guess I'd better write something quick so I can "legally" point the finger ;)

*holds up mini protest sign* *chants* : Stories Stories... you got the guts, you get the glory, story story Story!!!!

*Point at AF* I'm watching you :P

Hahaha, omg, I swear I'll get something written....PLEASE, PLEASE, stop pointing at me ;O

Teehee....omg, we CAN'T let Missy AF go all "Splodey" from lack of info ;) Guess it's time to post somethin' ! Men are so tight man has a TON of funny stories and I can't get him to write ANY of them ;( I'll work on TrprBadass and you work on BangBang...mayhaps we can squeeze a laugh or three out of 'em, eh? <br />
Oh, that made me think....have you and Lala been working on that Chinese kids thing? Roflmbo, trooper found that MOST amusing and said he'd be VERY interested to know how that works out!!!! Toodles!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do your best, Darth Giggles, I have NO stories to tell!! ;p

Blue wig? Chippendale boys?? OH COME ON!!! If Giggles and BangBang don't write some of these stories, I'll explode with curiosity!!! zipping lips....WRITE, lol

I met that woman before she moved out of Giggles old neighborhood....she was a character!

YES, YES, SHARE ....if I have to write vacation stories, it's only fair you tell us about your old neighbor!! This will be good **rubs hands together with glee**

What old neighbor? Who we talkin' bout?? Hmm...must be that old lady who wore that blue wig and had the Chippendale boys doing her lawn once a week....Yeah, BangBang, write a story bout that old broad....she was a hoot!

Lol, yes, I thought she'd like that ;) Hey, I owe our sis Alluneedis a story in the EP game. I guess it's time I put that up....I was thinking I could share stuff about being your neighbor?.... lmao

Aaarghhh ;( **thinks about old neighborhood and drums fingers** ooooh, don't you dare!

Haha, omg, yes if we hang around this family we get all the "juicy secrets"....stay tuned!

AAAACCCKKKKKKK!!!! Love it, man, you got the Santana tickets she was talking about? you are the cat's pyjamas ;) Teehee She must be out of her mind over that....I have GOT to call her just so I can hear her scream, lol.

Lol, "cat's pyjamas"...

I'm trying to make her obsession with Carlos work for me....I got tickets to a concert in March and she agreed to go (lol, didnt take much convincing ;) Hm? burned food? Guess I should look into this, sounds like an interesting story to be told!

Lol, Miss Moonsong is RIGHT!!! We need stories **bangs cup on keyboard** <br />
<br />
Tahaha, BangBang, who doesn't love Santana! Make it work for you, dude!! And speaking of cooking, go ask Cheeky how to take the taste out of burnt ever take my advice when cooking lmbo

mmmmm butter of peanut.....

Omg, stop banging your keyboard and hold your water!! Now what's this about burnt food? Tell me!!!

aaw, *smiles and cheers*...about time AF posted something! But I"m still waiting for the vacation stories ... lol, you know I won't let go of this until I SEE one ;) Old people are like that you know! lol

Thanks Miss Moonsong. Argh, I can see you aren't letting go...guess I'll have to write something soon ;) HUGS

Yes, "bangbang" loves this. Thank you, Miss AF. It appears I should cook for you more often, it brings out the "mushy" side of you...not a bad thing at all ;) <br />
<br />
Lol, Miss Giggles, it's hard to believe she likes Santana, right? She hides it so well ;) are a good cook ;) I'll say no more.....

tahaha, LOVE THIS!! Whaaaat?? you likes de Santana??? Now who would've guess that!! Lol, BangBang is gonna love two make me smile ;)

Hahaha, I do, indeed, and BigRed knows it ;)

Lol, thanks, Cheeky ;)

tee hee